Export within EU
When shipping products within the EU, the efficiency of delivery is notable. After the approval of the quotation, the estimated delivery period falls within a range of 2 to 4 days. For a swifter delivery experience, all EU customers are strongly recommended to ensure they possess the requisite documentation before making a purchase. Among the necessary requirements are the VAT number and details of a designated contact person. This comprehensive approach aids in quicker delivery times and a smoother process. One of our specialized offerings, Tire Type A, consists of Zabi Trading AB’s premium EU tires. These tires, categorized as nearly new, stand as a testament to excellence, providing unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability throughout the European Union. Confidence accompanies every drive on these top-tier tires, meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality.
Products for Europe
New Tyres and Wheels – brand new tyres of best brands with fresh DOT in many sizes available in our warehouse.
• Demo Tyres – tyres like new with fresh DOT
• Zabi Premium Used Tyres – Top quality used tyres, all tyres pressure tested, in pairs or sets with only top brands and DOT not earlier than 3 years old!
• 5 mm Plus Quality, all tyres pressure tested, in pairs or sets with DOT according to the specific order!
• 4 mm Plus Quality, all tyres pressure tested and in pairs, or single according to the specific order!
• Winter Tyres with Spikes – top quality studded tyres of best brands idea for cold winters!
• Volvo Rims and Wheels – original Volvo rims or wheels in complete sets in sizes 16- 22 inches:
• Rims and Wheels for other makes of cars than Volvo (subject to availa